Everyday, upon prior booking, we organize tastings and visits of the winery to let you discover our wines guided by our staff that will assure you a kind of sensorial experience, in a world hidden beneath the city of Lavis, rich in history and charm.
The visit of the winery is a unique and fascinating experience, where people could appreciate the phases of the wine-making technique through the most innovative technologies, the charm of the barrels and barriques, the refining and the section dedicated to the second fermentation of “Metodo Classico”. A fundamental tour to understand how wine is made, to see where it rests, to smell its perfumes and share the work and the passion of who take care of it and work with it (all the phases of the productive process, from the area of fermentation to the refining, till the bottling and the storage). The eno-tour ends with the visit of the wineshop, where people can taste our most representative labels, matched with the specialities of the culinary tradition of Trento.