Our story begins in 1945: a book of blank pages yet to be written. The dream of Giovanni and his three sons, Germano, Guido and Ermete, to create a small winery to make wine from their vineyards in Palù di Giovo in the Cembra Valle. Later they moved to Lavis near the Avisio stream. Year after year they expanded their clientele, expanding to the city and valleys of Trentino, distinguishing themselves by customer care, honest character and hardworking hands.

Insight, foresight and a desire to innovate inspired Lorenzo to create Casata Monfort and the Trento Doc wines with fine and unique character. Lorenzo’s inquisitive and experimental mind, led to dreams that then turned into reality. Winemakers and winemaker worked side by side on improving quality. The brand expanded beyond Trentino, in Italy and then in over twenty countries of the world.

Today Lorenzo is more often seen behind his desk, immersed in mountains of papers, or driving his new truck, laughing and playing with his grandchildren, always with his mild and sunny disposition. He has not yet uttered the word “retirement” because he knows there is still so much to do.

Chiara and Federico have made this passion their own by condensing love of the land and emotions into the bottles. Chiara has focused her curiosity and creativity as the driving force of her days, which are divided between communication, welcoming clients and administration. Federico is slowly picking up his father’s managerial legacy, divided between production and purchasing, a scrupulous knowledge of wines and sparkling wines, a solid and forthright character and a passionate love for the mountains.

Each generation carries within it the roots of the previous one, the values transmitted, the experiences lived, the projects shared, but each person in this family has also been able to have the gaze projected toward the future, the ability to dream and the desire to write their own page in the history of this winery. The generational transition is a gesture accompanied and constructed, but never forced; a choice that matures consciously.


The winery’s growth is the fruit of teamwork, made up of dynamic and motivated people, men and women who, in the past and present, have shared goals, hopes and results. A group that has built on candor and sincerity, personal commitment and group interest, sharing and confrontation to overcome arguments and solve small major daily problems.

We love to spice up our daily work to make every day new.

Maurizio, head winemaker, has been leading the winery’s production for 15 years: innovation and technique, experimentation and confrontation, a good musical repertoire, all virtues that find their way into Monfort’s wines and sparkling wines. Lorenzo has been at this side for several years now. He leads with his actions and not with his words- his hardworking hands and mind follow the grapes until they are ready to be delivered to you as wine. Luca follows the estate vineyards with tireless precision and meticulous care; the freedom he breathes from being in daily contact with the vineyard is priceless.

In 2020 the team expanded to include Enrico: ingenuity and action are the traits that he gives to the service of others and for the good of the winery. He puts his skills working with our vineyards partners on teaching them the foundations of the sustainable vineyard revolution. Francesco joined Monfort just before the 2022 harvest: his realm is between steel tanks and oak barrels, between pipes and catwalks, we see him re-emerge for coffee breaks and then disappear back into the world below. Ousmane, he has learned the art by doing: he divides his time between bottling and warehouse.

Paola has been with the winery the longest, she has lived the winery’s history and expanded year after year the presence in foreign markets. Precision, attention to detail, impeccable historical memory and care for people make her a point of reference for everyone, near and far. Matteo joined the sales team in 2022 bringing with him an excellent knowledge of wines and sparkling wines and the international market. Commitment, curiosity and foresight, every problem becomes a challenge to be faced and overcome victoriously.


More can and has to be done in the future. Our choices have a profound dictate, and we see it every day as we open our windows. Our land, Trentino, its mountains, its forests, its countless waterways, the animals that populate it, our children; the future generation’s view of the current world.

For almost thirty years we have been producing wines and sparkling wines made from recovered varietals. Our production is limited and their wines have become niche in our century, however in the past these ancient varietals and viticultural traditions sustained several families, as well as having been a crucial part of the traditions of their tables and in their taverns. The viticultural diversity found in Alta Valsugana represents a leap into the past; a still image of the viticulture of yesteryear; a destination for those who want to do ampelographic surveys. The winemakers of Serso, Viarago, Tenna, and the many villages in the surrounding area must be credited with being faithful custodians of this tradition and stubborn in wanting to carry it on.

The rare and authentic wines and sparkling wines from these grapes are a testament to the virtues of protecting biodiversity. They don’t fit into any molds, but yet they are modern. They don’t have the pretensions of the most renowned varieties, but they are capable of being themselves.

Cantine Monfort
Cantine Monfort
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