Le Général Blanc Trento Doc Riserva: the elegance of time
Le Général Blanc Trento Doc Riserva: l'eleganza del tempo

After six long years of aging on the lees, a new Trento Doc Riserva Le Général Blanc sees the light of day. A millesimato conceived years ago, in 2015, a careful selection of only Chardonnay grapes grown in the terraced vineyards of the Cembra Valley and the hills of Trento. A Blanc de Blancs that encapsulates the essence of the Trentino terroir, minerality and verticality, within the perfect cut of the fruit.

The essence of Chardonnay and the freshness given by the alpine environment is preserved to the palate by the choice of zero dosage, the long time on the lees brings the elegance of Le Général Blanc Trento Doc Blanc de Blancs to its apex.

A seductive sip within a dense fine perlage. Notes of ripe citrus are well married to those of white flowers, to the crisp bite of rennet apple. It is won over by its verticality and long finish in the mouth.

“Le Général” the Trento Doc that test time.

Monfort’s 30+ years of history of making metodo classico enters into a new phase as we continue to test time with wine with longer time on the lees. The “Le Général” wines are a result of dreams and cellar experiments, of bottles that preserve the essence of the vintage and see the light after years of being forgotten. “Le Général” is synonymous with elegance and art, the intertwining of time and the selection of the best vineyards. With these Trento Docs, time becomes perlage and perlage becomes history.