Monfort Rosé Trento Doc

Pinot Grigio


Universally known. Of French origin, it was imported to Trentino in the early 1900s through Germany where it was called “Rülander,”.

In Trentino the variety has found the ideal conditions to express itself and has become the most important region for this varietal in Italy.

Pinot Grigio Cantine Monfort Trento Doc
Chiara con Pinot Grigio Cantine Monfort Trento Doc

100% Pinot grigio


straw yellow, with copper highlights.


delicate, typically fruity, reminiscent of ripe pear.


dry, savory, harmonious, with good structure.

Food pairings

An extremely balanced wine with a particular bouquet. Thanks to its structure and elegance, it is a wine that lends itself to a variety of pairings that range from fish to white meats to soups and egg dishes.

Ottimo come aperitivo, accompagna deliziosamente il pesce e le carni bianche, non disdegnando le minestre asciutte con salse sostenute e i piatti a base di uova.

  • IWC – Gold Medal
  • Decanter – Silver Medal – 90 points
  • Gold Medal – IWC
  • Silver Medal – IWC
  • Wine current – 90 punti 
  • Wine Spectator
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